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I Wont Make You Feel Romantic

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Maximilian Eubank
Maximilian Eubank


"I Wont Make You Feel Romantic" is written to solicit a feeling of rebelliousness. I played a wedding a bit ago and toward the end of the night there was an overwhelming insistence from the crowd to play a less than politically correct song written and made famous by Tenacious D. It being one of my favorite songs (and after a glance around to see that all of the children had gone to sleep) I was happy to oblige. If you do not know the song to which I am referring, suffice it to say that Jack Black gets across a rather sweet message in an abruptly and obnoxious manner, wrought with foul language and vulgar depictions of prurient interest... hilariously awesome. So, after I finish with the tasty licks, one of the elder gentlemen came up to me and said, "I can't believe you just played that." I, being particularly jovial in that moment (as was EVERYONE else), thought he was kidding and asked, "Are you serious?" He didn't like that and told me, "You should be ashamed of yourself." He then walked off in a huff... I suppose a sense of humor is one of my most valued traits in a person. Anyway, the chorus of "I Won't Make You Feel Romantic" arose out of this otherwise lovely evening. When you realize that there will always be someone who is perpetually unhappy its really liberating. You can look at them and say, "There is nothing I could do that would make you happy, so I am just going to do what I do, and not give a rats ass about how you feel." Take offense if you like, but just because you have no sense of levity, you are not going to bring me down too. So the song was born out of that moment, but when I write songs I also let segues do some of the storytelling. It may seem strange but I do not often finish a song in one sitting. Therefore many different thoughts, emotions, and current events affect what I say in my music. When I wrote the song it was during the BP oil spill. The awful and regretful reminder of how we all get to work in the morning. I really do hold a place in my heart for all of the people affected by the tragedy, and for those who responded to the call for help. So during the first few weeks of the spill there was an interview with the BP CEO Tony Hayward and he said something to the effect of, "I just want my life back." I thought that was so deplorable, that I wanted to finish the sentence and publish the things he really wanted to say. Overall the song is meant to instill a sense of Fuck You.... because I suppose we all feel like that sometimes.... enjoy.


I Wont Make You Feel Romantic I’m not going to lye right down for you I don’t have no promises to keep I just want you to go, and I’m not sorry when I tell you so, I don’t want your company I don’t sing, I don’t dance, and I wont make you feel romantic If I don’t want your company, I don’t want to Bend or break, or lose or wait my turn I don’t want my day in the sun I don’t want to forget my roots, but ever time I think of you I just want to run CHORUS Call me mean, or cruel or cheap or cold I’m not offended Call me obscene or contemptible I’m not offended you were always going to be opposed, always been negative your relentless rage is predictable, killing my buzz with all that bullshit I don’t want to revolt, because I don’t want to be no soldier I don’t want to be a man with a gun I don’t want to think about it, but I know I cannot live without it Because I don’t want to be outdone I wont practice, I wont play, I’m not going to board that train I’m not trying to pave my own way, I’m not going to Loose or wait or bend or break my word I need to know I can count on someone You don’t need to analyze my mind, if you know me well you know I’ll bide my time No sense in rushing for the door CHORUS I dont want your moral compass, for all I know your soul is homeless For all I know you’re playing both sides I just want my life back I just want my money I just want to dance til Sunday I just want my royal oats to sew I’m don’t wince and I don’t shake; I do not make mistakes I surely learned from it the last time around I’m not one to war alone, so wont you warm my heart of stone. And make it love the world for a while. I’m sorry that I made you mad, but all I can do is laugh You’re acting too much like a child CHORUS 2010