Maximilian Eubank


I love when I have people listening. Love love love it. If you were not there, I wouldn't have any fun playing. I also love playing cover songs. Love love love it. I love when I know a cover song that you want to hear, so I can play it for you. I do, however, only know a finite number of songs. I try to learn all of the suggestions given to me, but it is impracticable that I learn all of them. I won't ever balk at any of the songs you want to hear even if it is Kenny Chesney, but if I don't know it, I assure you I know something you will like, so stick around anyway. Plus, I will take your suggestion to heart and I might learn it for the next show. If I don't know "your" song, though, please do not be rude – you don't punch a jukebox, do you? Also, on that note, I am not your personal jukebox. I will gladly play a song you would like (if I know it), but I will not ONLY play the songs you suggest. I just wont do it (unless you are the only one there, but even then a dollar or two in the tip jar goes a long way). Finally, this kind of goes without saying, but it still happens: If you enter a bar where there is about to be live music playing, don't put money into the jukebox and expect any kind of special treatment. Once the musicians begin, the jukebox is turned off. It is as simple as that. I never promote cutting off a jukebox song so I can start but once the song is over... I am going to begin. Finally, if you get in my face or the bar tender's face because the jukebox was paused, either you have been over served or you don't understand such an easy concept as live music - in either case you are an ass. Chill out or leave. I do not direct this to the people that regularly come to my shows. You know who you are, and so do I. I know you are always polite and always appreciative. Always. You would think that a lot of this goes without saying, but you would be surprised... especially when alcohol is involved. Also, I am not trying to promote being little angels, because I am anything but. I love an excited and animated crowd, but being respectful to the staff, the entertainment, and yourself is the most important thing. Plus, if you ever have a suggestion for a song, you can get a hold of me via e-mail I cannot promise I will learn your song, but I can promise I will take your suggestion into consideration.