Maximilian Eubank


This is for those of you that wish to know why I write what I write or want to know what it means. Plus I'm excited about it and want to tell somebody. If you that come to my shows regularly you know about my song Crescendo. It is relatively new as I wrote it over the summer. It is a ballad about being trapped in one place in life. "Stand me up, rise to the rhythm, rise to the rhythm".

Ironically when I was writing it I felt "trapped" in that I didn't have a third verse, yet I needed a good cap off. As my critics have pointed out in the past, sometimes my songs just end. When I was practicing last night, I started writing the final verse. I am quite pleased with it as it provides a good ending. It is an attempt at breaking free, and I'm not talking about the cute euphemism of breaking free from the shackles that bind me. Make the slave driver go away and let me break free. I'm not talking about taking a walk, or driving really fast, or getting out of a relationship or just blowing off steam with beer and tequila. This is about an internal breaking free. This is about knowing why or how even, to lose psychological barriers to finding peace.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the new verse. Be wary of it should you come out to see me this weekend or in the future. Here is the 3rd verse: Sitting under a bright white moon, Cut in half but new for June Heavy sky holding monsoon, About to rain all over you Oh Lord, I hope I don’t get blown off the globe Oh Lord, I hope I don’t get blown off the globe So that’s the story that it tell, Hope you hear and hope to hell, I hope I used enough colored spells, slants, slangs, and jingle bells