Maximilian Eubank


Concrete This song is usually known as "Cigarettes and Porn", however that is not the name of the song. The day I wrote this song I was about to enter a talent show at the University of Colorado during my freshman year. I decided I would play this song despite just writing it and not yet having it committed to memory. I ended up winning the talent show and I believe it is largely because of this song. After I won, my buddies and I decided we wanted to get very drunk...and we did. After a crazy night of dodging dorm enforcers and enjoying the magic dragon I blacked out and as Dave Attell likes to put it, "time traveled" to the next morning. When I woke up I spoke with my neighbors and they said, "Do you remember naming your new song last night?" I did not remember and told them as much. They said, "You named it Concrete." Hung over and kind of disappointed with my decision, asked, "Why?" They answered, "you just kept mumbling that it was so 'solid', so you named it Concrete". In my song Concrete I claim that cigarettes and porn don’t get me off anymore, but obviously that’s not true. If you have seen me perform you might see me play that song and then sit down to smoke a cigarette. Phases, we all have them…that was a phase when I quit smoking and watching porno. One Gregorian season of lent when I still was in awe with the majesty of Catholicism I gave both up and with very good success. It was that that inspired the lyrics but not the song. Really though the song is about a lot more than just that. Its about the commercialization of what the norm is and how it didn’t do it for me anymore. There's a lot more out there than just the commercial comforts. Sex sells, and cigarettes make you look cool - although these days they make you look like you have a death wish. Half the time, reality TV is a lesser degree of porno, and they always have a smoke after they screw. Censorship of nakedness and bad words is really what makes me laugh though. You can blur out your exposed crotch, but I know what is there. If its okay to only blur it out, why don’t they keep sex scenes in and just blur out the dirty titties - thank you David Cross. You can say ass but you cant say asshole, or bitch is acceptable but Hell isn't. I know they are saying "fuck". Why make them say Fooey and make them look like an asshole. Sooner or later this gross sex stuff and evil bad language is going to be the norm. It's so obvious what they are saying or what they are doing. Its almost like this lewedness is the water over a damn and the cracks in the levee are being filled with gum. All in all I get what they're trying to do, keeping the children safe and everything, keeping the Christians content. But I'm not going to censor what everyone already knows is there, because what would that really do?