Maximilian Eubank


Burping out with blasphemy is an experimental album for me.  It is an experiment because I wanted musical accompaniment on a larger scale, but I also wanted to keep close to my roots as a solo musician.  I believe this album accomplishes both.  For that I am very proud of this album. B-O-W-B (as I have come to affectionately call it) is a collection of a few songs from the “archives” fresh with a face-lift, and mixed in with some new tunes prim polished and spit shined.  I also got the chance to work with some very talented musical minds that transformed this album into what it is today.  A few of them I am proud to call my very close friends, and for that I am blessed.

So, why did I call it Burping Out With Blasphemy?

First of all, it’s a line from my song Industry, in which you will notice that the lyrics contain constant contradictions or challenges to common notions or popular sentiments.  The statement is also a paradox… is it possible for a burp to be blasphemous? Burping is something that is generally uncontrollable, while blasphemy is generally volitional.  So I guess the inherent paradox was what drew me to such a statement.  In the song Industry the lyrics make note that my “friends and family” are burping out with blasphemy.  I guess I am saying we are being uncontrollably disrespectful…

Secondly, an unconscious part of me (or conscious part – depending on who you talk to) also likes rile up the… lets call them, the “overly religious.” You know… those people that constantly threaten jihad or judgment… or both.  I can’t in good conscience take those peoples’ word for it.  They are always contradicting themselves.  How can you preach love, and then hate some sect of people who have a different opinion?  Is it ironic that so much intolerance is born out of a promise of eternal peace and love? I guess I don’t need to find peace through religion.  I find peace in my friends and family; creating music; a good story or joke; personal insight; and to a minor degree, that feeling after a good burp.

Caveat - Despite all of my ranting, I cannot deny that something is going on behind the curtains, otherwise how could all of that in which I find peace be possible?  That said, I don’t think anyone completely understands it – including me. I just find it hard to consider the positives of any religion without also considering the inherent contradictions that mar those positives. – now back to my point… 

Finally, and perhaps the most relevant reason its called BOWB… it sounded good in the song. No matter how you want to analyze it, in all honesty, it came out spontaneously.  I Burped out Blasphemy… just like any other day. 

Anyway, happy listening.