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Burping out with blasphemy is an experimental album for me.  It is an experiment because I wanted musical accompaniment on a larger scale, but I also wanted to keep close to my roots as a solo musician.  I believe this album accomplishes both.  For that I am very proud of this album. B-O-W-B (as I have come to affectionately call it) is a collection of a few songs from the “archives” fresh with a face-lift, and mixed in with some new tunes prim polished and spit shined.  I also got the chance to work with some very talented musical minds that transformed this album into what it is today.  A few of them I am proud to call my very close friends, and for that I am blessed.

So, why did I call it Burping Out With Blasphemy?

First of all, it’s a line from my song Industry, in which you will notice that the lyrics contain constant contradictions or challenges to common notions or popular sentiments.  The statement is also a paradox… is it possible for a burp to be blasphemous? Burping is something that is generally uncontrollable, while blasphemy is generally volitional.  So I guess the inherent paradox was what drew me to such a statement.  In the song Industry the lyrics make note that my “friends and family” are burping out with blasphemy.  I guess I am saying we are being uncontrollably disrespectful…

Secondly, an unconscious part of me (or conscious part – depending on who you talk to) also likes rile up the… lets call them, the “overly religious.” You know… those people that constantly threaten jihad or judgment… or both.  I can’t in good conscience take those peoples’ word for it.  They are always contradicting themselves.  How can you preach love, and then hate some sect of people who have a different opinion?  Is it ironic that so much intolerance is born out of a promise of eternal peace and love? I guess I don’t need to find peace through religion.  I find peace in my friends and family; creating music; a good story or joke; personal insight; and to a minor degree, that feeling after a good burp.

Caveat - Despite all of my ranting, I cannot deny that something is going on behind the curtains, otherwise how could all of that in which I find peace be possible?  That said, I don’t think anyone completely understands it – including me. I just find it hard to consider the positives of any religion without also considering the inherent contradictions that mar those positives. – now back to my point… 

Finally, and perhaps the most relevant reason its called BOWB… it sounded good in the song. No matter how you want to analyze it, in all honesty, it came out spontaneously.  I Burped out Blasphemy… just like any other day. 

Anyway... Coming Soon... happy listening.

"I Wont Make You Feel Romantic" is written to solicit a feeling of rebelliousness. 

I played a wedding a bit ago and toward the end of the night there was an overwhelming insistence from the crowd to play a less than politically correct song written and made famous by Tenacious D. It being one of my favorite songs (and after a glance around to see that all of the children had gone to sleep) I was happy to oblige. If you do not know the song to which I am referring, suffice it to say that Jack Black gets across a rather sweet message in an abruptly and obnoxious manner, wrought with foul language and vulgar depictions of prurient interest - hilariously awesome. 

So, after I finish with the tasty licks, one of the elder gentlemen came up to me and said, "I can't believe you just played that." I, being particularly jovial in that moment (as was EVERYONE else), thought he was kidding and asked, "Are you serious?" He didn't like that and told me, "You should be ashamed of yourself." He then walked off in a huff...

I suppose a sense of humor is one of my most valued traits in a person. Anyway, the chorus of "I Won't Make You Feel Romantic" arose out of this otherwise lovely evening. When you realize that there will always be someone who is perpetually unhappy its really liberating. You can look at them and say, "There is nothing I can do that would make you happy, so I am just going to do what I do, and not give a rats ass about how you feel." Take offense if you like, but just because you have no sense of levity, you are not going to bring me down too. 

So the song was born out of that moment.... however when I write songs I also let segues do some of the storytelling. It may seem strange but I do not often finish a song in one sitting. Therefore many different thoughts, emotions, and current events affect what I say in my music. When I wrote the song it was during the BP oil spill. The awful and regretful reminder of how we all get to work in the morning. I really do hold a place in my heart for all of the people affected by the tragedy, and for those who responded to the call for help. So during the first few weeks of the spill there was an interview with the BP CEO Tony Hayward and he said something to the effect of, "I just want my life back." I thought that was so deplorable, that I wanted to finish the sentence and publish the things he really wanted to say. 

Overall the song is meant to instill a sense of 'Fuck You'.... because I suppose we all feel like that sometimes.... don't you? 

I love when I have people listening. Love love love it. If you were not there, I wouldn't have any fun playing. I also love playing cover songs. Love love love it. I love when I know a cover song that you want to hear, so I can play it for you. I do, however, only know a finite number of songs. I try to learn all of the suggestions given to me, but it is impracticable that I learn all of them. I won't ever balk at any of the songs you want to hear even if it is Kenny Chesney, but if I don't know it, I assure you I know something you will like, so stick around anyway. Plus, I will take your suggestion to heart and I might learn it for the next show. If I don't know "your" song, though, please do not be rude – you don't punch a jukebox, do you? Also, on that note, I am not your personal jukebox. I will gladly play a song you would like (if I know it), but I will not ONLY play the songs you suggest. I just wont do it (unless you are the only one there, but even then a dollar or two in the tip jar goes a long way). Finally, this kind of goes without saying, but it still happens: If you enter a bar where there is about to be live music playing, don't put money into the jukebox and expect any kind of special treatment. Once the musicians begin, the jukebox is turned off. It is as simple as that. I never promote cutting off a jukebox song so I can start but once the song is over... I am going to begin. Finally, if you get in my face or the bar tender's face because the jukebox was paused, either you have been over served or you don't understand such an easy concept as live music - in either case you are an ass. Chill out or leave. I do not direct this to the people that regularly come to my shows. You know who you are, and so do I. I know you are always polite and always appreciative. Always. You would think that a lot of this goes without saying, but you would be surprised... especially when alcohol is involved. Also, I am not trying to promote being little angels, because I am anything but. I love an excited and animated crowd, but being respectful to the staff, the entertainment, and yourself is the most important thing. Plus, if you ever have a suggestion for a song, you can get a hold of me via e-mail I cannot promise I will learn your song, but I can promise I will take your suggestion into consideration.
So, since I’ve been playing music I have known how to play a cover song or two. Actually these days I think I could play by heart – without looking at a cheat sheet – about fifty cover songs. I believe the first song that I knew how to play was I Want to Rock n’ Roll All Night by Kiss. Wow. That was a different time. I think I probably followed that up with some Metallica, and Black Sabbath. I eventually got into the Eagles and began to play the acoustic guitar. Soon enough I tried writing my first song. My first song was called Hole in the Sky – it was terrible, but then again I was only 13. I could probably still play the chords and the first couple lines but that is about it. I bet I still have the original copy somewhere… I’ll have to check that out later. All of my musical influences led me to where I am now, but in a sense, they dropped me off at the bus stop and I got on the bus alone. They taught me song structure, chords, and how to write a hook, but they can’t write songs for me. I had to do that on my own. They call once and a while (I play their songs) to give me some insight, inspiration or just to chat, but my songs came from my ideas and my experiences, not my favorite musicians’ ideas or experiences. Further, if you are playing only cover songs, you need to get on the bus. I am not talking about writing lyrics – there are plenty of instrumental groups that write their own music and are phenomenal. I’m talking about hearing something in your head, not from a speaker, and playing it. I do not want to take from anyone’s craft because there are some very technically talented cover artists out there that do things that I could never do. But there are also some very talented painting re-creators. There are some great storytellers or actors. But the painting re-creator, the storyteller and the actor never created anything. They simply re-created or acted as a medium for someone else. Once you have written a song you feel like you have created a new life. It is like a baby. It grows and progresses. It learns you and you learn it. You want to show it to your friends. You want people to like it, and when they don’t it is hard. You begin thinking they are wrong and, ‘this is my beautiful baby and it is perfect.’ You have to remind yourself that it is only a song that is as subjective as a movie or book. Half the time that is the hardest part about being a musician – understanding that your babies are not going to turn everyone on. However, sometimes you have people telling you how to change your style or your sound or that if you added a few things to a song it would be better. That is like someone who has never had a baby telling a parent how to raise a child. Although if it is a fellow musician or perhaps a music connoisseur, that knows what the hell they are talking about, then you don’t take it so hard and try their suggestions. Just as a parent would heed to another parent’s advice. That is just constructive criticism – constructive being the operative word. To finish and clarify the analogy, musical influences can be seen as fellow parents and their songs are their kids, not yours. No matter how much you want their song to be yours it is not, and you are babysitting when you play it. If you buy the rights to a song that is not yours, you just adopted a song. Conversely, when you create your own music those are your kids and you raise them; you are responsible for their development or lack thereof. I do not look down upon any artist. Ever. I think anyone who is out there experiencing a creative endeavor is an enlightened human being and my heart goes out to him or her, but here is my constructive criticism: Write music. Write stories. Draw pictures. Paint pictures. Bake a cake. Think. Create. Even if others don’t like it, it is still yours to call your own. I have so many songs that nobody likes but me – and that will never stop me from writing new ones. Also, there is no population problem with intellectual creation; you don’t have to worry about just another creation to feed☺

This is for those of you that wish to know why I write what I write or want to know what it means. Plus I'm excited about it and want to tell somebody. Those of you that come to my shows regularly know about my song Crescendo. It is relatively new as I wrote it over the summer. It is a ballad about being trapped in one place in life. "Stand me up, rise to the rhythm, rise to the rhythm". Ironically when I was writing it I felt "trapped" in that I didn't have a third verse, yet I needed a good cap off. As my critics have pointed out in the past, sometimes my songs just end. When I was practicing last night, I started writing the final verse. I am quite pleased with it as it provides a good ending. It is an attempt at breaking free, and I'm not talking about the cute euphemism of breaking free from the shackles that bind me. Make the slave driver go away and let me break free. I'm not talking about taking a walk, or driving really fast, or getting out of a relationship or just blowing off steam with beer and tequila. This is about an internal breaking free. This is about knowing why or how even, to lose psychological barriers to finding peace. Either way, I hope you enjoy the new verse. Be wary of it should you come out to see me this weekend or in the future. Here is the 3rd verse: Sitting under a bright white moon, Cut in half but new for June Heavy sky holding monsoon, About to rain all over you Oh Lord, I hope I don’t get blown off the globe Oh Lord, I hope I don’t get blown off the globe So that’s the story that it tell, Hope you hear and hope to hell, I hope I used enough colored spells, slants, slangs, and jingle bells

I get it, no smoking where food can be served, no smoking around employees, and no smoking around non-smokers. Nothing too complicated. Nothing too outrageous. It starts to get outrageous when the smoker gets treated as if they aren't contributing to the restaurant or bar's nightly bottom line. After all the smokers will again venture in and order more food or drink. I especially appreciate this rule as a musician. Sometimes in a crowded bar the smoke can mess me up. Get in my eyes, cause me to go hoarse, etc. I am a smoker too though (quite a dichotomy), and I'm happy to go outside. However, I don't appreciate this rule is when bouncers, door guys, or employees say that I have to smoke further away from the building or off the premises completely. What? As if the smoke is seeping in and everyone inside is getting upset. I don't like to get too far away from my beer in the first place, so standing in the parking lot makes me feel like its getting warm or the bar tender has thrown it away. Here is an interesting story about my experiences with the smoking ban. One night it started to torrentially down pour and my group had to flee the Iowa Cubs Game to the Bait Shop. It was a birthday party for my brother so everyone was in good spirits and we were buying a lot of alcohol (we were being good customers). The bar started to get packed and it was getting claustrophobic, and as much as I like rubbing on wet people it becomes unbearable quickly. Obviously the smokers in the bar started wondering, 'Where shall we smoke? We cant do it in here, and its raining buckets outside.' A few brave smokers went out and eventually became completely soaked, having to throw out their half ruined smoke. A few went rogue along the wall on the outside safe from the rain where no employees could see them (not a sanctioned smoking area) and did just fine. My buddies and I went on the patio to use the umbrellas (which I assume were there to keep people from getting sun or from getting wet). By this time the patio was completely empty, being heavily rained upon, flooded about an inch, and I didn't see anyone ordering food out there. After about half our cigarette we heard a voice, "YOU CANT SMOKE ON THE PATIO!" It was the bouncer (if you wanna call him that) complete with members only jumpsuit and walkie talkie - lol what a dork. We looked up and said something like, "its raining and no one is out here, please just let us finish this." "PUT IT OUT OUR YOU'RE OUTTA HERE." I'm surprised he didn't use his AWESOME walkie talkie and call for back up on a CODE: RED. We were drunk and didn't think he would pull such a dick move so we didn't stop. He came back out and told us we couldn't come back in, so we, without complaint, finished our cigarettes and left. Each of us had a tab inside, and each of us was a paying customer. None of us were being unruly or offending any other customers. So I take solace in knowing that the door guys wiener is uncommonly small making his thirst for power, over the newly powerless smoker, unimaginably huge.
Concrete This song is usually known as "Cigarettes and Porn", however that is not the name of the song. The day I wrote this song I was about to enter a talent show at the University of Colorado during my freshman year. I decided I would play this song despite just writing it and not yet having it committed to memory. I ended up winning the talent show and I believe it is largely because of this song. After I won, my buddies and I decided we wanted to get very drunk...and we did. After a crazy night of dodging dorm enforcers and enjoying the magic dragon I blacked out and as Dave Attell likes to put it, "time traveled" to the next morning. When I woke up I spoke with my neighbors and they said, "Do you remember naming your new song last night?" I did not remember and told them as much. They said, "You named it Concrete." Hung over and kind of disappointed with my decision, asked, "Why?" They answered, "you just kept mumbling that it was so 'solid', so you named it Concrete". In my song Concrete I claim that cigarettes and porn don’t get me off anymore, but obviously that’s not true. If you have seen me perform you might see me play that song and then sit down to smoke a cigarette. Phases, we all have them…that was a phase when I quit smoking and watching porno. One Gregorian season of lent when I still was in awe with the majesty of Catholicism I gave both up and with very good success. It was that that inspired the lyrics but not the song. Really though the song is about a lot more than just that. Its about the commercialization of what the norm is and how it didn’t do it for me anymore. There's a lot more out there than just the commercial comforts. Sex sells, and cigarettes make you look cool - although these days they make you look like you have a death wish. Half the time, reality TV is a lesser degree of porno, and they always have a smoke after they screw. Censorship of nakedness and bad words is really what makes me laugh though. You can blur out your exposed crotch, but I know what is there. If its okay to only blur it out, why don’t they keep sex scenes in and just blur out the dirty titties - thank you David Cross. You can say ass but you cant say asshole, or bitch is acceptable but Hell isn't. I know they are saying "fuck". Why make them say Fooey and make them look like an asshole. Sooner or later this gross sex stuff and evil bad language is going to be the norm. It's so obvious what they are saying or what they are doing. Its almost like this lewedness is the water over a damn and the cracks in the levee are being filled with gum. All in all I get what they're trying to do, keeping the children safe and everything, keeping the Christians content. But I'm not going to censor what everyone already knows is there, because what would that really do?
So, those of you that don't know my past listening influences I'd like to blow your mind. As of right now I would consider my sound to be similar to Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, and Amos Lee. Those three musicians are also some of my favorite, but I haven't always enjoyed Singer/Songwriter or easy listening artists. In fact, when Dave Matthews just started getting big it took me a year to finally give in and start enjoying his music. Then as I learned the guitar Dave Matthews was one of my favorite musicians. As I was growing up most of my favorite music was heavy metal and hard rock. My first concert was White Zombie, and I believe my second was Ozzy Osbourne. If you were to look at my CD collection (which I still mostly have) from my early teenage years you would find, Metallica, Megadeth, White Zombie, Guns n' Roses, Rage Against the Machine, Ministry, NIN, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice in Chains etc. I suppose as teenagers mature, so do their tastes, but I still love all of the above music. I love listening to White Zombie's "Black Sunshine", Metallica's "One", NIN's "Head Like a Hole", etc. That heavy music became toned down and I began listening to Led Zeppelin, Cream, Creedence, Bob Marley, etc. But now ten years later I also love listening to Al Green, The Big Wu, String Cheese, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Phish, Pink Floyd, Vampire Weekend, Cake, etc. I also love various rap and r&b artists such as, Mos Def, The Roots, Gift of Gab, Lyrics Born, Gnarles Barkley, Lauren Hill, Wycleff, Jurassic 5, Blackaliscious, Beastie Boys, etc. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Metallica is a Jam Band, and Ozzy Osbourne is a Singer Songwriter and Wycleff is my homeboy. Check it out:

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